With its great taste and distinctive branding, Two Bears is ready to become Canada’s favourite bottled cold brew coffee. Although long popular in the US coffee scene, cold brew is making its way North.

The Two Bears original recipe uses premium speciality grade direct trade beans that are cold brewed over 16 hours to produce a naturally sweet, smooth tasting coffee that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Drink it straight over ice, or with a little milk and sugar, the possibilities are endless.

Two Bears Coffee craft brews our speciality grade cold brew locally in Toronto and is the first Canadian company to distribute our brew Nationwide. We are now available in over 300 locations throughout the country including Whole Foods, The Big Carrot, Fiesta Farms, The Sweet Potato, Ambrosia and Goodness Me.

Currently Two Bears Cold Brew Coffee is available in 10 oz ready to drink glass bottles, coming in three distinctive flavours: Our Original Cold Brew, Hazelnut Sea Salt and Sweet Cacao. Our Hazelnut Sea Salt is sweetened with organic cane sugar, flavoured with natural Hazelnut and a dash of Canadian sea salt. Our Sweet Cacao is our speciality grade coffee cold brewed with high quality roasted cacao. We then add a range of natural flavours and sweeten it with a touch of organic cane sugar. The ready to drink bottles are great for those on the go!

The Team & Story

Walking into Northwood one summer day in Toronto David Schneiderman was introduced to Northwood’s Cold Brew Coffee.  Blown away by the taste and quality Dave approached Richard Pope the owner of Northwood and started chatting about cold brew.  Rich had started the first wholesale cold brew business in Toronto but it was expanding so fast that he was looking for options.

Moustafa and David go to Columbia to visit Coffee Farms

Dave called up his old friend Moustafa who shared a passion for coffee, and they decided with Rich to rebrand the coffee and launch it on a national scale.  The goal was to let Canadians from coast to coast enjoy the tasty brew

David Schneiderman and Moustafa El Zanaty, both from Montreal. They share a love of cold brew coffee and are committed to bringing cold brew to a larger audience. Montreal and Toronto, two halves, coming together in the shared pursuit of a better brew. Two Bears.